It’s Always ( almost) Summer in LA

I love shooting outdoors and i love the sun ( though I hate the heat!). I love being outdoors and working with natural light. When the temperature rises, I get to take the models and throw them into the pool - water shots are one of my favorites as you can tell. Wet, skin, no nonsense or frills. 



I met up with one of my all time favorites while he was in town, Austin Scoggin. We have done several shoots over the years and it was good to see him again and see how he has matured. I think he was 18 the first time we shot. He also introduced me to his older brother Conor. Conor and I did a shoot to update his book and give him some “LA” looks. 

I have some photos of Austin I have been holding onto for a bit, and I plan on using many of them for the next issue of #Hommeage ( which should be out shortly). I am still working on it…I get to scattered with shooting and doing favors all the time and can’t get my own stuff done as quickly as I like. 

Both Austin and Conor are with Option Models in Oregon. Austin is with Soul Artist Management in NYC.

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