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common questions and my frequent replies

How can I do a shoot with you?

Send me an email with your stats and a few unretouched or manipulated images and what you are interested in shooting. 

How long have you been a photographer?

It was a hobby for a long time and a full-time gig that I truly enjoy since 2007.

Did you go to school for photography?

No I learned by doing and being fortunate to be able to watch some really skilled and well-known photographers on their shoots. I learn by doing and going with what looks good to me.

I need some photos for my Instagram, do you do that?

Absolutely. Let me know what you are wanting to shoot/ your ideas and I can let you know what I can do.

My friend says that they can do it for me cause they have a new iPhone, why should I pay you?

You should do whatever you like, that's why we all have freedom of choice. You should look at the photographers work and then choose whomever you feel will make you look good. You usually get what you pay for in most cases and as great as it is for exposing people and opening many doors, Social media has also dumbed down photography and turned it into fast-food. One thing to remember is that in todays social media culture, you are only as good as your last posted photo. Not much room for average.

I want all the photos after we shoot and I will edit them myself...

I understand your need to have everything but No, not unless you are paying for a buyout of all images and that can be very expensive. There is no reason to have every image  from any shoot as all images are not equal and more doesn't mean better. You only want images that make you look your best. I won't release anything I don't like. It is always better to have a dozen amazing photos than a few hundred okay images or to try and make a bad photo good by adding filters and changing body parts. Ever heard the saying about putting lipstick on a pig? :)

Do you only shoot men?

No I photograph women as well though I am mainly known for my images of male models and actors and other famous people. I am not your typical GWC ( guy with a camera). I love taking photos and am always looking for someone interesting to shoot with, regardless of gender, sexuality,etc. I shoot what makes me happy.

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