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Born and raised in Northern California, and based in Los Angeles since 1998, when he decided to establish a career in showbiz.I am self taught, and find inspiration from the classic images of movie stars and the black and white movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood. 

Born and raised in Northern California, and based in Los Angeles since 1998, when he decided to establish a career in showbiz.

If i want to know about something I dive in head first and learn 

Photography has always been a passion of his,  from scouring the pages of tabloid newspapers his grandparents subscribed to when he was a kid,  to admiring the work of Hurrell, Helmut Newton and Herb Ritts in glossy magazines, his is love of classic Hollywood film and the stars of the Golden Age became the motivation to learn all he could about the industry and moving to Los Angeles to launch his career in the entertainment industry.

He wore many hats in his showbiz career, from hairstylist, makeup artist and men's groomer for other photographers, talent agency assistant, movie producer's assistant, photo retoucher, web designer and celebrity publicist.

I have never been good at having a "boss", I do all the work while they put their feet up and eat bon bons 

When he decided to go into  celebrity PR, he knew he had to work with someone who was truly immersed in the industry and had worked with some of the greats. He did his research and applied for an assistant position at Warren Cowan and Associates. Warren was a legendary PR man and his clients were many of the biggest stars and had included Joan Crawford, for whom he is credited for starting one of the original Oscar campaigns to boost her chances of winning the coveted award, which she won.

"It was a privilege and honor to work with Warren Cowan.  His incredible knowledge and experience I admired and I lept at the chance to learn and work with him and his team. I have very fond memories of my time with Warren and his wife Barbara Gilbert Cowan (mother of Melissa and Sara Gilbert). They treated me like family - a disfunctional family- and one I will never forget."

Hoover went on his own after a few years at WCA and worked with clients that included actors and actresses, a wealthy Beverly Hills philanthropist, and even a few very famous adult film stars. 

I wouldn't change one minute of the experiences I had or the people I met and worked with and I could write a very steamy novel about what the business is really like but...

He realized creating images was what fed his soul and no longer wanted to be on the Hollywood fasttrack and made the decision to focus exclusively on photography and video, which he did on weekends and whenever he could between PR assignments.  In 2007 his sole focus became his photography and video.  He has had over two dozen magazine covers, and his work has appeared in People Magazine, Essence, The Advocate and multiple other outlets in print and online. His photographs of male models have graced the covers or numerous romance novels.  In 2015 he published his photography book "MALE" with a launch party at Bootsy Bellows on Sunset, and has created his quarterly magazine "Hommeage".

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